The Debunker Trilogy

Francis Trecy never expected to become a television reality star.

Ghosts? The paranormal?

He never gave them much credence, if he thought about them at all.

But as a paranormal investigator, he finds himself dropped into a world stranger than he could have imagined.

He journeys to other times. Other realities. Other dimensions.

Trying to learn the truth of things. Can the beautiful, troubled woman who has become his obsession save him? Or will she bury him in her own awful blackness?

Debunker: Independence Day is the first book in the series. Debunker: Psychic Storm is the second. The final book in the trilogy,  Debunker: Scream of the Valkyrie, is now available.

The Debunker Trilogy. You will never look at reality the same way again.

I'm excited to report that  Debunker: Independence Day and Debunker: Psychic Storm have been honored with Book Readers Appreciation Group (B.R.A.G.) Medallions!

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Debunker: Independence Day

Debunker: Independence Day video trailer.


Debunker: Independence Day

“There’s something up ahead,” the man said. “I hear pacing back and forth. It doesn’t sound human.”

“What does it sound like?”

“Like it’s waiting."  

Francis Trecy has been wandering a long time. Aimless. Alienated. He meets a beautiful, enigmatic woman just before he becomes the accidental star of a new paranormal reality program. Then the woman disappears without warning, and without explanation. She leaves behind a procession of former lovers, confusion, and endless questions.  Finding her becomes Francis’s obsession.

Along the way, Francis -- a paranormal skeptic -- joins a team of mismatched investigators as they journey to the most famous battlefield in American history. There he discovers that reality is not at all what it seems.  Francis confronts confusion, betrayal and deceit. He struggles to understand family and home. In coming to terms with his complicated past, he battles against physical danger and emotional pain. As a warrior, he discovers the longings of thousands of wayward spirits can mirror his own.

And he learns that in a world stranger than we can imagine, the human heart remains the strangest thing of all.

Debunker: Psychic Storm

Surprising healings. Bleeding stigmata-like wounds. A woman who kills without mercy. And another who holds miraculous powers.

Something really unusual is going on at St. Mary’s Hospital.

Following the success of the paranormal reality show that made him a star, Francis Trecy has been invited to Wisconsin to investigate some of these claims. He ends up with a ringside seat for a collision between the holy and the unholy.

Darkness falls over him along the way. A partnership is torn apart. Old friends die. Remarkable secrets are revealed.

And Francis Trecy, the skeptic, finally comes to terms with his obsession. But he is forced into an engagement with an enemy more powerful than anything on Earth.

To survive, he may have to accept the madness of things. He’ll have to seek powerful allies or risk seeing the world and the people he loves destroyed.

Sometimes the battle between good and evil isn’t a fair fight.

Debunker: Scream of the Valkyrie

Francis Trecy is on the run.

The star of the hit reality show, The Skeptic, faces a lifetime in prison after his arrest for murder. No one seems to be buying into his claim that the woman he murdered was really a vindictive succubus trying to frame him for luring away her girlfriend.

That may explain why the U.S. Marshals Service is after him along with an army of assorted supernatural ghoulies who believe his rightful place is locked inside a Wisconsin prison for the rest of his life.

But Francis has help. A strange boy with a remarkable past leads him on a journey to the compound of a teacher. Or maybe he's a magician. Or a charlatan. Or something else completely.

Depends who you ask.

And then there’s the secret of the blue barn. It offers a unique solution to Francis’s problem. All he has to do is give up everything.

He gets help from an old friend and an unlikely new one.

In the exciting conclusion to the Debunker trilogy, Francis Trecy learns who he really is. His obsession with the woman he has been seeking for years is finally resolved.

And if the world ends along the way, well, that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Isn’t it?

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